Handle with Care: Why Your Hands Deserve Your Attention

"How old do I look?"

Funny question that. In your twenties and thirties, you probably ask it playfully, almost as a tease. But as time goes by, the question becomes heavier, loaded with increasing worry.

Throughout her skincare career, Mitzi helped women of all ages feel beautiful and youthful. She used makeup to help them hide the aging in their face, and every client was different of course, but as they asked her that same question — “How old do I look?” — the damage in their hands always gave away their true age. Don't let all of your beauty efforts go to waste! Read on to learn more about your hands and how to keep them young and beautiful.


Why Is It So Important to Protect My Hands?

Hands have often been called one of the biggest the age giveaway zones of the body. A Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery study discovered that most people could guess a woman’s age range (40s, 50s, 60s) just by looking at her hands. After the face, the hands are the second place people look when determining age. The hands are one of the first places where we see the signs of aging, and also the area most people neglect when it comes to skin care. In addition to that, they are constantly exposed to sunlight and all its photoaging effects. While most would never consider exposing their faces to sun without a sunblock, we often don't remember to treat our hands to the same protection.[1]

According to Dr.Bruce Katz, MD, a professor of dermatology at the Mt. Sinai School of Medicine in New York City and director of the Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Clinic at Mt. Sinai Hospital, our skin in general gets thinner as we age. But when you're dealing with the backs of the hands, where skin is already thin, any loss of fat underneath is obvious right away, with loose, wrinkly skin. Katz explains that as skin thins, dark spots and pigmentation begin to appear, while veins and tendons become more obvious, making you look older. [2]

Aging hands can be spotted by noticeable changes in the pigment as well as changes in the texture of the hands. Pigment changes, age spots, texture changes, loss of fat, contour changes and prominent veins all contribute to making the hands look older. Damage from years of exposure to the sun and environment begin to develop into age spots and sun spots. Those who have been exposed to sun quite often during their childhood or as young adults are prone to getting dark brown spots, known as liver spots, on their hands as they age.

Everybody ages, there's no avoiding it. It's true that, to a certain extent, you can’t prevent aging; but you can significantly reduce the process. By staying healthy and taking proper preventions, you can easily maintain beautiful hands.

Keep Those Hands Beautiful

We use our hands for just about everything, it is how we reach out and experience the world. Others are also always looking at them, whether we’re shaking someone’s hand or talking in a business meeting. In fact, along with the face, the hands are the most frequently seen body part when we’re interacting with people.

Even if you think you’re young enough to avoid aging, protect your skin now to keep it looking healthy and supple! It’s never too early to start caring for your skin. The awful truth of aging is that wrinkles, loss of collagen and discoloration start long before you actually start seeing it. Once it starts appearing on your skin, it’s a lot harder to keep it at bay. Protect your skin now to prevent premature aging now and later.

Follow these easy pieces of advice from the experts and you will have a handle on beautiful hands! It all begins, say experts, with dedicated use of a broad spectrum sunblock with SPF30 or higher. Choose a product that is also a good moisturizer and you're even more ahead of the game. You have to make a commitment to use it every day, every time you go out in the sun, in winter, in summer, all the time! Doing so help halt at least some of the damage that comes when the ultraviolet rays of the sun gobble up collagen (the molecules that help give skin a plump, youthful appearance).[3]

Aging hands should basically be treated in the same manner as a person treats the face and neck. Whatever you're using on your face, save a little for the backs of your hands and apply liberally. "Day cream, night cream, antiaging serums -- whatever you're putting on your face, neck, and décolleté, put it on the backs of your hands as well," says Katz.[5]

Another method of hand sun protection becoming increasingly common is special sun protection gloves.  Louisa Graves, a celebrity body parts model from Los Angeles who’s avoided the sun since her late teens (and as a result, refuses to reveal her age since she’s still able to model for actresses in their 20s) says wearing gloves has been one of her top beauty secrets and that she has about 100 pairs of gloves.[4]

You of course don't need 100 gloves to have beautiful hands, but owning a pair that works for every season and is ageless definitely helps! Our Sundriven® original gloves not only help protect your hands from sun damage, photo aging, and skin cancer, but they also keep your hands happy and youthful looking. Sundriven® gloves are made to stretch and conform to your unique hand shape and size. Sundriven® gloves are so lightweight and ultra comfortable, it’s like a second skin. We guarantee they will fit and feel amazing. Have the hands you always wanted!

Authors: Mitzi Runyan and May Jabado

Source:  [1]

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