Face Cleanser or Face Wipes. Which is More Eco-Friendly?

We are all about skincare so our ears perked when we saw this headline. Actress and Neutrogena spokeswoman Kristen Bell challenged women everywhere to skip using their face wash for a week...and instead use cleansing wipes. This was all for Neutrogena Naturals and The Nature Conservancy’s Earth Month #wipeforwater campaign, which is to raise awareness about water conservation - a particularly hot topic in California as we face a severe drought and possible water usage reductions. The claim Neutrogena and Kristen Bell are making is that by using a cleansing wipe to clean your face in the morning and at night, you can save water - five gallons, in fact, as that is what we use everyday to wash our face.

While many beauty magazines jumped on board in support, other publications questioned whether this would actually hurt Mother Nature. Many cleansing wipes contain chemicals and end up clogging drains or sitting in landfills, leading to more pollution. So while you may be saving water, you’re also hurting the environment in another way.

However, there is an easy solution and that’s to look for biodegradable, eco-friendly cleansing wipes. A number of companies offer wipes that are chemical free and that won’t sit in landfills for decades. This truly makes it the most eco-friendly option, as you are saving water and not contributing to waste buildup.

This just goes to show you that fabric and materials are everything, even with skincare products. At Sundriven®, every single one of our products is made with an eco-friendly fabric that is actually made from sustainably harvested trees. You can’t get much greener than that!

Author: Melissa Darcey

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