Sophie Uliano Shares Her Thoughts on Sundriven

Sophie Uliano

Blogger Sophie Uliano was kind enough to share her thoughts about Sundriven driving gloves. Check out what she had to say on her blog:

I get sent quite a lot of lovely things to review and test, but it’s rare that I pull something straight out of the box and start using it straightaway AND wish that I had started using it about 20 years ago! Sundriven SPF 50 gloves are what I’m talking about. What a frickin brilliant idea! I usually keep a bottle of sunscreen in my car in the central console, and try to remember to reapply every time I feel the sun beating down on my hands. It’s like I can literally see the age spots forming because living in Los Angeles, the UV rays beat hard and heavy through my windshield and the first thing they hit is the flesh on the tops of my hands. The issue with the sunscreen is that it’s sticky to apply, and I don’t want to then have a residue that gets all over my steering wheel – so I had to add wipes into the equation. However, now I don’t need to bother with any of this because I have my stylin' purple driving gloves!
They are dermatologist tested and Skin Cancer Foundation approved to block 99% of UVA/UVB rays, which cause mega free-radical damage. They are also Eco-friendly, and made from a sustainable fabric, which actually helps to cool down your hands. My only issue is that my daughter’s going through a phase where almost everything I do is either creepy or weird (she’s almost 13), and driving around in a pair of purple gloves in the heat of summer isn’t exactly going to help that situation. But, Lola my darling, what needs, MUST!!
Check out the full review here.

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