Kym Douglas Talks Sundriven UV Wear

Kym Douglas

World-renowned television and radio host, best selling author, health, beauty, fashion and lifestyle expert, Kym Douglas, reviewed Sundriven's line of clothing and accessories and had some great thoughts to share. Check out her review:

"I know it seems like a no brainer that to protect our skin from the harshness and damage of the sun that we all need to wear sunscreen daily.  But did you also know that there’s such a thing as “sunscreen clothing”? Yes, you heard me correctly.  I recently found an actual anti-aging line of clothing that is designed to block out the sun and protect your skin from its harmful effects.  The best part is that the fabrics are super soft and the clothing is chic just the way I like it. What is the name of this fabulous find you ask? Sundriven.
Sundriven clothing provides a stylish line of wraps, ponchos, and scarves that are must have items for any wardrobe.  They also provide added protection to your skin from the premature signs of aging due to exposure to the sun’s harmful UVA/UVB rays.
There are so many amazing things to say about Sundriven clothing but something that I also found fascinating is that the fabric is made from trees.  Can you believe it? The trees are sustainably harvested and then used to make a lightweight, luxurious, silky soft fabric. The fabric also provides a cooling property and the ability to absorb excess moisture which helps to keep your skin cool in the hot summer months.
I always like to do my research and find out all the facts about the products that I support.  Here is another interesting fact that I discovered about Sundriven clothing that I love. All their fabric has undergone extensive testing to rate its UVA/UVB protection and it has been given a rating of 50! That means by wearing Sundriven clothing you are getting the same protection for your skin as a sunscreen with 50 SPF.  I don’t know about you but that has me feeling pretty good about wearing their clothing. You can view their entire line at:"
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