A Second Skin to Protect from Sun Damage


Nature is constantly surprising and amazing us. One of the most interesting things I learned recently is just how many animals can produce their own sunscreen. According to a study in eLife, there are a number of fish, amphibians, reptiles, and birds that can produce gadusol, a compound that absorbs UV rays and essentially acts as sunscreen, protecting their skin from sun damage and sunburns. 

Other animals, too, have the ability to protect their skin from sun damage. Hippopotamuses' sweat is comprised of a red and orange pigment. The red contains an antibiotic and the orange absorbs UV rays. Together, they protect hippos from sunburns and bacterial infections. And Mantis shrimp have sunscreen in their eyes due to an amino acid pigment called MAAs.

Scientists are studying these sunscreen-producing creatures in more detail in hopes of developing more effective and more natural sunscreens. Many of today's sunscreens are chemical-ridden and are not environmentally friendly. I would love to see more natural alternatives hit the market.

Reading about these animals and their own special ability to protect themselves from UV rays made me think of the power of having a second skin. The downside to sunscreen is that you have to frequently reapply it, and it can feel greasy and oily. You always know when you're wearing sunscreen because you can feel, smell, and see it. Wouldn't it be better if we could have our own second skin to protect?

While we don't have this yet, we do have Sundriven® UV wear, which is the next best thing. What I love most about Sundriven® UV wear is that the fabric is botanical, eco-friendly, soft, and literally feels like a second skin. It's cool to the touch and never feels heavy or uncomfortable. Best of all, it has UPF 50+, so you can protect your body from the sun without the discomfort or hassle of sunscreen. From driving gloves and wraps to tops and skirts, you can easily incorporate Sundriven® into your style and daily outfits.

The next time you're searching for an alternative to sunscreen, take a cue from nature and go for a second skin with the help of Sundriven®!

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