Style Meets Comfort: The Ultimate Winter Glove

When it comes to a fashion item like gloves, you want them to be both equally stylish and practical. Since they are an accessory, you want them to complement your outfit and look smart when you’re walking down the streets or attending an outdoor concert. However, since they’re on your hands, which you need to use for just about everything, they also need to be comfortable and flexible.

When looking for the perfect pair of winter gloves, they ideally should:

  • Be touchscreen friendly
  • Be warm without making your hands sweaty or clammy
  • Provide dexterity
  • Feel like a second skin and not like bulky gloves
  • Look chic

Unfortunately, a glove that does all of this is hard to come by. Leather gloves are stylish, but can be stiff and aren’t touchscreen friendly. Wool gloves can make hands sweaty and are often bulky. And let’s not even go there with fleece. So what glove is the perfect pair of winter gloves?

Meet Sundriven® gloves, the ultimate balance between style and comfort. Sundriven® gloves keep your hands warm without ever getting sweaty. Made with an anti-bacterial, organic fabric, these gloves regulate hand temperature and absorb 60% more moisture than wool. As they are thin and lightweight, Sundriven® gloves are touchscreen friendly, provide optimal dexterity, and feel like a second skin. You can even wear them as a glove liner under snow gloves if you enjoy hitting the slopes in the winter.

Perhaps what makes Sundriven® gloves most unique is the fact that they have UPF 50+, protecting your hands from sun damage, photo aging, and skin cancer. Now, many people may assume they don’t need sun protection in the winter. However, UVA and UVB rays are present even on cloudy days. When you’re out and about on the town or driving to work, the sun’s damaging rays are hitting the delicate and thin skin on your hands. By wearing Sundriven® gloves, you are not only keeping your hands warm and comfortable in the cold weather, but you are also keeping them happy and youthful looking.

With Sundriven® gloves, you can now have the hands you always wanted, all year round. Available in multiple colors, you can incorporate these gloves into your wardrobe every day and for any occasion, whether you are headed to an event, jogging along the beach, skiing on the slopes, or out shopping with your friends. 

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