The History of Gloves: 1890s

Gloves have been around since the beginning of fashion. The “clothing of hands,” gloves have evolved to coincide with changing fashions. In a series of articles, we’ll be looking at glove fashions throughout history. Today, we’re focusing on the late 1800s.

Throughout the 1800s, gloves were a very popular fashion accessory for women. There were a number of etiquette rules regarding when you could wear gloves and when it was considered improper. Typically, gloves were worn for any type of public occasion and event, such as having tea during the day, attending sporting events, and evening dances and dinners.

 During the 1890s, fashion was approaching the Edwardian period of the early 1900s. For the entire 1890 decade, long, full-length suede gloves with buttons running along the side were the most popular style. Some gloves could have upwards of 20 buttons! The most common colors were beige, brown, and gray. Other popular styles included silk and leather, though not as popular as suede. These gloves were tight fitting and took quite a bit of time to put on, as you had to button and unbutton them to put them on and take them off. To match such long gloves, women typically wore dresses with short sleeves. These dresses typically had bustles, to make the backside look larger. Gloves were worn in both warm and cold weather. While men often removed them to shake hands, women typically kept them on.

long glovesGloves made quite a statement in the 1890s and quickly revealed a woman’s social and economic standing. A woman wouldn’t dare go out in public with wrinkled or dirty gloves, or ones out of style. Today, gloves may not be as common, but women still wear them year-round.

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