Can Clouds Cause Wrinkles?

Q: Can clouds and wrinkles?

A: Yes and no. Let’s start with the no. Clouds do not emit anything dangerous or damaging to our skin. They don’t have much of an effect on our skin or body, other than the fact that they can impact how hot or cold or sunny or overcast it is outside.

Indirectly, clouds can cause wrinkles and it’s largely because we think clouds actually protect us from the sun. 

During sunny days, we know we should be wearing sunscreen, UV wear, sunglasses, and a hat when outdoors. When it’s cloudy or overcast out, we often neglect using them. We don’t think it’s sunny enough to wear sunglasses so we leave them in our car, and we assume UV rays aren’t damaging our skin because we can’t see the sun.

However, even on cloudy days, the sun is still present. It’s so powerful and strong that, even through clouds, the sun’s UV rays are penetrating our skin, causing wrinkles, sun spots, and, possibly, skin cancer. Even if you live in Seattle, you should be protecting yourself just as much as you would if you lived in Los Angeles.

You should make it a rule of thumb that whenever you go outdoors, you should protect your skin premature aging. On your face, always wear sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and sunglasses. For your body and particularly your hands and chest (which are quick to age due to sun damage), wear a wrap and gloves made with UPF 50+. We recommend Sundriven driving gloves and seven-way wrap, both of which are stylish, comfortable, and luxurious.

The best way to remember to protect your skin is to make it a daily habit. It may help to leave a tube of sunscreen, a UV wear wrap, and sunglasses by your front door so you never forget to use them before you leave the house.

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