The Body Part You’re Forgetting to Protect From the Sun

You protect your body with your favorite UV wear and your face with sunscreen, but what about your lips? The lips are frequently neglected when it comes to sun protection. A University of Texas study revealed that only 37% of those who wear sunscreen also protect their lips from UV ray damage. Furthermore, many of the those in the study weren’t aware that excessive sun exposure on lips could lead to cancer.

Lips are particularly vulnerable to sun damage since they don’t have melanin. Without proper protection, UV rays can negatively affect your lip’s collagen production, resulting in wrinkles and other early signs of aging. To keep your lips protected and looking youthful and plump, wear lip protection with SPF year round (that’s right, even in winter!).

Here are our top four picks for lip treatments with SPF:

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm SPF 25

This is an excellent emollient balm free of parabens and sulfates. Along with SPF 25, this lip balm is packed with antioxidants and skin conditioners, from shea butter to avocado oil, to condition your lips and keep them nourished and soft. Vitamin E and green tea extract protect your lips from free radical damage. Revealing a clear, shiny finish, you can choose from several flavors, including Grapefruit & Ginger, Black Tea & Blackberry, and Lemon & Chamomile.

Coola Liplux SPF 30

Coola is a great, California-based brand creating eco-friendly sun protection that is TSA-, recycle, and green-friendly. All products are made with natural food grade ingredients and are certified organic. Along with great sunscreens, their product line includes Liplux, a lip balm with SPF 30. This clear balm with a refreshing peppermint vanilla scent is vitamin- and antioxidant-enriched to soothe even the most chapped lips. To keep your delicate lips hydrated, Liplux also has a blend of fruit butters. If you’re a swimmer, this is a winner, as it’s water-resistant for up to 80 minutes.

Shiseido Sun Protection Lip Treatment SPF 36 PA++

For the maximum sun protection for lips, Shiseido has it covered with their Sun Protection Lip Treatment. Although lightweight, this lip balm protects against both UVA and UVB rays and is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Highly nourishing, this balm keeps your lips soft and luminous without the filmy residue some sunscreens create. As this balm is very light, it’s easy to layer underneath your favorite lipstick or gloss.

Supergoop! AcaiFusion Lip Balm Broad Spectrum SPF 30

Supergoop! is another excellent natural sun protection brand that creates lightweight sunscreens and a nourishing AcaiFusion Lip Balm. With SPF 30 and several other sunscreen ingredients, this balm protects your lips from both sunburns and photoaging. With acai and other antioxidant ingredients, this balm repairs oxidation damage and offers hydration. Along with a sheer pink tint, this lip balm checks all the boxes.

What’s your favorite sun protection lip product?

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