Get Fancy This New Year With Sundriven Gloves

Every year, we make New Year’s resolutions, from losing weight to traveling more to saving money. This year, we have the perfect New Year’s resolution that every woman can accomplish: be more conscientious about our fashion, and Sundriven® gloves are the perfect solution.

What do we mean when we say “be more conscientious about our fashion?” We’re talking about incorporating healthy and eco-friendly practices into our style. A combination of beauty, health, and fashion, Sundriven® gloves keep your delicate hands protected from UV ray damage, feeling soft and luxurious, and looking stylish. Vintage-inspired, you can go anywhere and do anything with these all-weather gloves for that 1950’s timeless style. These Sundriven® UV wear gloves are made to stretch and conform to your unique hand shape and size. Made from a botanical fabric, they are so lightweight and ultra comfortable, it’s like a second skin. Once you try these, you’ll never wear another pair of gloves again.

Here are just a few reasons why Sundriven® gloves are eco-friendly:

  1. The fabric is all-natural and botanical. Sundriven® products are made from trees that are sustainably harvested, producing a lightweight, luxurious, ultra-smooth fabric. The fabric is eco-friendly, made mostly of all-natural fibers with zero chemical additives. During production, the fiber uses a non-toxic solvent that is recycled during the process. This reduces production plant emissions and other waste, making it very sustainable. Even the most sensitive skin won’t be irritated!

  2. You can wear them all year-long and incorporate them into countless outfits and styles. Thanks to its botanical, breathable fabric, Sundriven® gloves keep your hands warm in cold weather, and cool in warm weather. The fabric wicks away sweat while simultaneously keeping your hands moisturized and smooth. Forget clammy, sweaty, or dry hands! With two different styles - original and long - you can mix and match your gloves to match the mood of your outfit, whether you’re headed out shopping or attending an evening cocktail party.

  3. They are USA Made. Handmade in sunny Los Angeles, California, Sundriven® UV Wear’s production stays local to ensure quality, integrity, and consistency. USA Made products create jobs, support the economy, are made ethically, and reduce fuel emissions.

Furthermore, Sundriven® gloves have received the Seal of Recommendation from the Skin Cancer Foundation, a symbol of safe and effective sun protection that is recognized by consumers worldwide. In showing their commitment to educating women on skin cancer and keeping skin protected, Sundriven® donates thousands of dollars every year to the Skin Cancer Foundation.

With Sundriven® gloves, you can get fancy this new year and be more conscientious with your fashion all year long. Happy 2016, everyone!

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