Benefits & PrioriTec™ Fabric Technology

Sundriven® products are made from trees that are sustainably harvested, producing a lightweight, luxurious, ultra-smooth fabric. These fabrics contains fibrils (tiny “hairs”) with temperature-regulating properties that have the ability to absorb excess moisture and release it into the air, keeping your skin comfortable and happy in both cool and warm weather.

The fabric is eco-friendly, made mostly of all-natural fibers with zero chemical additives. During production, the fiber uses a non-toxic solvent that is recycled during the process. This reduces production plant emissions and other waste, making it very sustainable.

With a smooth surface and no fiber stiffness, wearing Sundriven® products is like having a second skin. The flexible, smooth luxurious botanical fibers make it so comfortable, it’s as if you’re not wearing anything at all! Much of the comfort is also due to the smoothness of the micro fibers and it’s temperature-controlling abilities.

The fibril structure in the fabric helps absorb moisture into the fiber, releasing it into the air, which is something synthetic fibers can’t do. The Sundriven® fabric has been proven to absorb 50% more moisture than cotton.

Depending on the climate, Sundriven® products will either absorb or release moisture, helping the skin maintain a constant temperature. When it’s cool out, your skin will stay warm without feeling sweaty or clammy. When it's warm out, your skin will remain cool.

The moisture control and absorption of the fibers prevents any bacteria growth, keeping it clean and safe.

Sundriven® made with PrioriTec™ products are botanical fibers, eliminating the risk of skin irritation — perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Sundriven® gloves can be used on all touchscreen devices, including your iPad* and iPhone*.


*iPad, iPhone, and iPod are registered names of Apple Inc. in the USA and other countries.