About Mitzi Jo

I’ve always been in the business of helping women of all ages feel beautiful and youthful.

From my early time as a makeup artist for top luxury brands to more recent years in the Beverly Hills medical spa industry, one question was asked again and again: How old do I look?

While I did everything possible to help hide the aging on their face, the sun damage on their hands always gave away their true age. And no matter what I did, the sun would cause their wrinkles and lines to reappear.

This was business as usual until my grandparents were diagnosed with Melanoma. Watching the sun’s deadly effects take hold of my loved ones was heartbreaking and completely shook my world. Witnessing the sun’s deadly effects first-hand made me pay closer attention to my outdoor habits. It was those events that made me determined to change not only my life, but to find a way to benefit my community and improve other people’s lives.

I came to the conclusion that women need something new to protect them from harmful UV rays year round: A highly fashionable, extremely effective line of products to protect their skin from sun damage and aging.

Thus, the Sundriven® brand was born.

Building off of my commitment to protective fashion, I tested my first line of products extensively to make sure the fabrics were not only comfortable and breathable, but that they protected the skin from harmful UV rays. It started with driving gloves and quickly grew into much more, including scarves, wraps, ponchos, and other apparel. It truly is a line of products that are as fashionable and beautiful as they are smart and effective.

I started this company because I wanted to create a brand that helped women feel beautiful, timeless and healthy. And I sincerely hope Sundriven® enables women of all ages to embrace the outdoors while looking gorgeous and staying safe.